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Version: v2.0

Cron Eventsource

Cron jobs are a standard method of scheduling tasks to run on your server. Cron is a service running in the background that will execute commands (jobs) at a specified time, or at a regular interval. Jobs and their schedules are defined in a configuration file called a crontab.

A brief description of how to use Cron plug-in in godspeed framework as Event Source.

Steps to use cron plug-in in godspeed framework:

Example usage :

  1. Update configuration file based on your requirements in eventsource/cron.yaml.

cron config ( src/eventsources/cron.yaml )3

How to Use

  • Create a godspeed project from the CLI and by default the Express plugin is integrated into your project if not, add the plugin from the CLI and select the @godspeedsystems/plugins-cron-as-eventsource to integrate the plugin.
> godspeed plugin add
,_, ╔════════════════════════════════════╗
(o,o) ║ Welcome to Godspeed ║
({___}) ║ World's First Meta Framework ║
" " ╚════════════════════════════════════╝
? Please select godspeed plugin to install: (Press <space> to select, <Up and Down> to move rows)
│ │ Name │ Description │
│ ◯ │ express-as-http │ Godspeed event source plugin for express as http server │
│ ◯ │ aws-as-datasource │ aws as datasource plugin for Godspeed Framework │
│ ◯ │ mailer-as-datasource │ mailer as datasource plugin for Godspeed Framework │
│ ❯◯ │ cron-as-eventsource │ Cron as eventsource plugin for Godspeed Framework │
│ ◯ │ kafka-as-datasource-as-eventsource│ kafka as datasource-as-eventsource plugin for Godspeed Framework│
type: cron

event key prefix should be the type mensioned in the config yaml file.

cron event ( src/events/every_minute_task.yaml )

# event for Shedule a task for evrey minute.

cron.* * * * *.Asia/Kolkata: //event key
fn: every_minute

For cron expressions

cron workflow to schedule ( src/functions/every_minute.yaml )

summary: this workflow will be running every minute
- id: print
description: print for every minute
data: HELLO from CRON

- Plugin Repository
- Issue Tracker
- npm package