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Version: v2.0

Starting with Godspeed's Node.js framework.

In this section, you will learn how to install the Godspeed framework using the command line interface (CLI) and how to either create a new project with the framework or integrate Godspeed into an existing project in NodeJS.

We are coming with Godspeed Framework in Java as well. Where Developer's will be able to write events and workflows in same way as NodeJS, while for scripting tasks groovy can be used.


  1. Node 18 and npm
  2. Git
  3. VS Code or any code editor



Godspeed CLI is the command center of a Godspeed project. It allows you to create & manage your Godspeed project. It is shipped via npm. You can go ahead and install it using the below command.

   npm install -g @godspeedsystems/godspeed

Install VSCode Plugin

Please refer to this page to install Godspeed's VSCode plugin which will assist you with development.

Creating your project

You can create a blank project like this.

  godspeed create <project_name>

You can create a project with pre-made examples as well. Check Hello World and Build a Full-Stack Web App with Godspeed and React.

Building and running your project

You can build your project using the godspeed build command, and clean using godspeed clean. You can start your server on localhost or production machine using godspeed serve. It will run in autowatch mode over your local file changes.

For any help

Try running in the below command line to see available Godspeed commands. Refer the full CLI spec for more information.

   godspeed --help
,_, ╔════════════════════════════════════╗
(o,o) ║ Welcome to Godspeed ║
({___}) ║ World's First Meta Framework ║
" " ╚════════════════════════════════════╝

Usage: Godspeed CLI [options] [command]

CLI tool for godspeed framework.

-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help display help for command

create [options] <projectName> create a new godspeed project.
dev run godspeed development server.
clean clean the previous build.
gen-crud-api scans your prisma datasources and generate
CRUD APIs events and workflows
build build the godspeed project.
devops-plugin manage(add, remove, update) godspeed plugins
for devops.
plugin manage(add, remove, update) eventsource and
datasource plugins for godspeed.
prisma proxy to prisma commands with some add-on
commands to handle prisma datasources.
help [command] display help for command


To understand the general scaffolding structure of the project , Check here